Yeah, I drink too much, but that’s okay. Here’s the odd thing; when I go to The Brass Tap, I’m generally the most pathetic person at the bar, but When I go to WingHouse, I’m easily the least pathetic person… Continue Reading »

It makes me irrationally angry when people turn off the automatic lights in the bathrooms at work … #pettyanger #notouchy #itsautomaticdumbass

It doesn’t surprise me a bit that the biggest Trump supporter on my Facebook feed is a misogynistic pervert. #antitrump

The Fuck is This?

I know, right? I mean, really, who puts up a website full of a bunch of bullshit. Guess what … it’s me. That’s right … this is my dumping ground. I may post something insightful, I may post some stupid… Continue Reading »

My turn signal ticks in perfect time to War Pigs … Sometimes when the song comes on, I turn on my turn signal even if I’m not turning, just because I think it’s cool …

I used to say it about IE … I thought that Edge would somehow magically be better … I was wrong … Fuck Edge …